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Anne Kang



Raised in a family that strongly values community involvement and volunteerism, Burnaby’s Anne Kang stepped forward in 2008 to serve her community and was successfully elected to serve as a City Councillor. In 2011 she was re-elected for a second term.

Growing up in the South Slope, Cascade Heights, and subsequently Inman neighbourhood, Anne studied at UBC where she obtained a Bachelor of Music, a Bachelor of Education – Elementary, a Diploma in Special Education – Learning Disability, a Master of Special Education – Gifted and Creative Learners, and Montessori Certification. She currently teaches music in the Burnaby School District where she has gained further insight into the important connection between great public services and healthy, growing communities.

Anne’s passion for working with people is reflected in her strong record of dedication to enhancing her community by taking on leadership roles with a number of organizations.

  • Founding Director of the TIO Group for young professionals (2003)
  • Director, Progressive Housing Society (2009)
  • M.C. for Taiwanese Cultural Festival (2004-2006)
  • Media Coordinator for Taiwanese Cultural Festival (2008)
  • Founding Director of Taiwanese Heritage Association (2003-present)
  • Youth and Young Adult Leader, Tai Kong United Church (1995-2004)
  • Director, Taiwanese Canadian Association (2014)
  • Founding Director,Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Association of British Columbia (2013-present).

She was recently awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012, for her contributions to Canada.

Her enthusiasm for public involvement includes a special interest in ethnic outreach. Her focus and success in helping newcomers connect to City services, understand their rights as citizens and her assistance and guidance with smooth integration into their new homes in Burnaby has been a significant asset to the City.

Anne’s ongoing commitment to the environment has been one of her many accomplishments as a City Councillor with her significant involvement in Burnaby’s Food Scraps Recycling Program that aims to separate food scraps and organic materials from household waste. She realizes the impact and value of this program and through her personal efforts visiting homes, clubs, church groups and youth groups, she has helped increase understanding and participation in this valuable initiative that has resulted in reducing household waste by half, helping to create a more sustainable community.

She lives by the motto “Turning Passion into Action”. Through her role as a mother, teacher, and a city councillor, she continues to look for creative and exciting ways to contribute and make a difference in the community. She endeavors to work together with council and citizens to build a city that is inclusive, sustainable, and progressive.

One of her special interest is in working with youths and newcomers to develop a deeper understanding of their city by becoming more involved in civic activities and community volunteerism. With the recent developments of Burnaby’s city centers, she wants to continue to maintain the high quality of life by implementing actions as suggested by the Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability Strategies as developed by council.

Anne lives and works in Burnaby and together with her husband, are busy parents of two young children, who attend school in the Burnaby school system.

In January, 2014, Councillor Kang was appointed to serve on the following Council Committees and as a Council Liaison or Representative:

  1. Community Policing Committee – Member
  2. Environment Committee – Vice Chair
  3. Traffic Safety Committee – Vice Chair
  4. Liaison – Youth Committee
  5. Burnaby Public Library Board – Representative

Past Council Appointments:

  1. Member, Public Library Board
  2. Vice-chair, Community Heritage Commission
  3. Member, Environment Committee
  4. Vice-chair, Social Issues Committee
  5. Burnaby City Council Youth Liaison