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Katrina Chen



Katrina (Wei-Chen) Chen came to the Lower Mainland from Taiwan as an international student 13 years ago. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a political science major and a history minor from Simon Fraser University and also has a certificate in Immigration Laws, Policies and Procedures from the University of British Columbia.

Katrina has traveled widely and has been to a lot of North American cities, but likes Burnaby the most. She thinks it’s the best place to raise a family and appreciates the many community centres, green spaces and parks, the recreation options, and the easy access to shopping centres. She sees Burnaby as a place where you can really enjoy your life – spend time with family, “work, learn and play”. Along with her husband and infant son, Katrina lives in the Edmonds area. .

Katrina’s seven years of service as a constituency assistant for MP Peter Julian and MLA Raj Chouhan taught her the importance of listening – of really hearing and understanding what people need and of empathizing with their point of view – and fed her passion for helping people find solutions. She has also worked as a community organizer with ACORN and is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant.

Katrina volunteers and is very active in the Taiwanese community. She has emceed both TaiwanFest and The Republic of China (Taiwan) National Day Reception for many years. She has been a volunteer coordinator with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and on the executive of the Simon Fraser University Taiwanese Association and the SFU Global Speakers’ Group. Katrina is also an active member of Edmonds People in Community (EPIC).

Katrina is running for School Board. She is concerned about funding cuts to education and will work with current school trustees to protect our public education system and ensure that every child in Burnaby has equal and fair access.

“We need to focus on education so that our children can grown up to be decent citizens, contributing to their community,” she says.

“I will work hard so that the provincial government knows our needs and provides additional funding for education, rather than making cuts. I believe that planning ahead, consulting people, investigating and looking at things with a broad perspective are important.”

Association and Volunteer Experience:

Katrina’s community involvement includes:

  1. Director/board member of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Association of BC (2013 – present)
  2. Executive member of the Greater Vancouver Taiwanese Canadian Association (2007 – present)
  3. Burnaby-Edmonds NDP Constituency Association (2007 – present)
  4. Burnaby-New Westminster NDP Riding Association (2007 – present).

City of Burnaby appointments

  1. Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission – Commissioner

Past Council Appointments:

  1. Social Sustainability Strategy and Steering Committee, member