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Ron Burton



Raised and educated in Burnaby, Ron Burton’s commitment to working with the community to build a stronger and more effective public education system has been a hallmark of his service as a Board of Education Trustee in the Burnaby School District since first being elected in 1987.

Ron’s long term experience as a Trustee with the Board of Education, combined with his comprehensive skills for listening, building consensus and acting on important initiatives has been an asset to the District in meeting the current and future needs of Burnaby’s students as they prepare for their roles in the community. A vital link to effective relationships with employee groups, Ron is a significant asset to families with children in Burnaby’s public schools and his participation, contribution and vision strengthens the success of Burnaby’s public school system.

Working together with parents and staff, and on Trustee committees, Ron brings a wealth of experience, understanding and a record of success that meet the challenges of developing effective policies, procedures and guidelines within the restraints of difficult budgets.

An avid mountain biking and sports enthusiast, Ron’s leadership skills have led to the creation of the Burnaby Mountain Biking Association and its ongoing success in providing well maintained and sustainable recreational opportunities for both Burnaby residents and visitors. His leadership roles in the community are a significant asset to to the Board of Education.

Ron currently serves as Vice Chair (elected by the Board for 2014) and on the following Burnaby School Board Committees:

  1. Chair, Management Committee
  2. Member, Education Committee
  3. Member, Community Relations Committee
  4. Member, Board Finance Committee
  5. Member, Management Committee
  6. Burnaby Teachers Association- Liaison
  7. District Parent Advisory Liaison

In the community:

  1. BC Public Employers Association- Member
  2. President, Burnaby Mountain Biking Association
  3. Vice President, Burnaby Optimists
  4. Board member, Michael J Fox Theatre