About the BCA

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The origin of the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA) goes back to early October in 1955 when Alan Emmott, Eileen Dailey and some political friends met in the basement of Alan’s home and formed the basis of the Burnaby Citizens Association. On the evening of October 19th, the first public meeting of the BCA was held, with nearly 50 members nominating a slate of candidates for the coming municipal election.

BCA nominated John E. Milne for Reeve (Mayor), as well as four candidates for Council, one for School Board, and five for what was then an elected Parks Board. BCA candidate Andy Blair was successfully elected to the Parks Board, becoming the first elected official of the young political organization.

Just two years later, Alan Emmott led the BCA to its first election victory, as he became Reeve and was joined by a unanimous BCA Council composed of five Aldermen, and one School Board member. For over 50 years, BCA has been successful in nominating more than 150 candidates who have been elected to municipal office in Burnaby. The BCA has held the Reeve’s or Mayor’s chair for almost 40 years, with Alan Emmott, Bob Prittie, Tom Constable, Bill Copeland, Doug Drummond and current Mayor Derek Corrigan being elected. Also, BCA has held a continuous majority on the School Board since 1983, and on Council since 1987.

In 2014, the BCA made history when the citizens of Burnaby elected Burnaby Citizens Association candidates to fill all of Burnaby’s Council & School Board positions for the third time in a row.

The Burnaby Citizens Association is:
  • Making Burnaby a leader in economic, environmental and social sustainability
  • To complete Burnaby’s Sustainable City framework, the Burnaby Citizens council is developing the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, building on the City’s award-winning environmental leadership.
  • Taking action on housing, Burnaby has the third-largest share of non-market housing units (6,174) among Metro Vancouver municipalities*.
  • The BCA has also set in motion a number of other progressive initiatives, including leasing City-owned land and City-owned houses to non-profit groups and for special needs housing.

* Source: Metro Vancouver Housing Data Book 2011