Delivering $600 million in improvements for Burnaby--at no cost to taxpayers

Mayor Derek Corrigan and the Burnaby Citizens Association represent more than three decades of trusted leadership, consistently delivering to make Burnaby a diverse, exciting and sustainable community. Joining the team this year are six new candidates, with fresh commitment to making Burnaby a great place to live, work, learn and play. Together, we will help defend our City, inlet and coastline from the threat of the oil pipeline, while protecting the 25 percent of our city designated parks and green space.

People come to Burnaby because it is a desirable and safe place to live. The City’s strong financial position, and dedication to good planning means we can grow in a sustainable way, while keeping taxes low. Fees charged to developers are designated for amenities for citizens including recreation projects and housing initiatives.

In the next four years, we will continue to allocate these funds to make sure everyone in Burnaby—from every walk of life—can enjoy our City. And with the help now being offered by our new provincial government:

  • we can make Burnaby schools safer for our children, and
  • we have the tools to build more housing options, including rentals and co-ops.

We will continue to make safety a top priority on our streets and in neighbourhoods including parks, through increases to policing and bike patrols, security enhancements and urban design, and by watching out for our most vulnerable.


Our Priorities

Protecting our neighbourhoods
Delivering on defending our community from the pipeline:

  • Stopping the pipeline
  • Protecting our 25% of land-base that is parks and green spaces
  • Exceeding our waste reduction goals
  • Building more urban trails like the new Willingdon Linear Park and Rumble Street Urban Trail

Championing our diverse communities and schools
Delivering a Burnaby that's a great place to live, work, learn and play:

  • New school seismic upgrades, including a new North Burnaby Secondary school being delivered
  • Brand new event centre where we can celebrate our diversity and the arts
  • Continuing the support for business, resulting in having more jobs than available workers
  • Epic sports legacy continues with a new Tennis Canada partnership and more world-class facilities

Building sustainable neighbourhoods
Planning for an exciting and livable community:

  • $400 million for a new library, new pools, new ice rinks and new community centres without increasing taxes
  • Begin the planning for Burnaby’s first performing arts and multi-cultural event centre
  • More than 1,000 units of affordable housing and adding 1,500 market rentals
  • $200 million for strategic partnerships to build housing, delivered without cost to Burnaby residents
  • New rental zoning will allow one-for-one affordable replacement units for current rents and additional new rentals

Keeping our neighbourhoods safe and accessible
Ensuring safe streets and public spaces:

  • 14 new RCMP officers and new police and park bike patrols
  • $1 million committed to new crime prevention measures
  • Replacement of a fire station, close to SFU
  • World class standards for new public spaces including dementia friendly city, wider sidewalks and public artwork

Platform Details

Capital and spending - without cost to Burnaby residents
The $400 million for three new multi-service community and recreation centres details:

  • Cameron-Lougheed – Replace the library and community centre and include a new pool
  • New recreation centre at Willingdon Park to serve the growing Brentwood area
  • New recreation centre at Confederation Park to serve the Burnaby Heights area
  • New South Burnaby Arena – 90,000 square feet, with 2 NHL-size ice/floor sheets and community space
  • Burnaby Lake arena replacement
  • CG Brown – new 50-metre pool

Housing $200 million for affordable housing:

A Burnaby Citizens Association mayor and council will commit $200 Million from the Housing Amenity Benefit fund (an existing fund collected from developers at no cost to taxpayers) toward 3 new initiatives, in addition to those currently offered through the existing policy:

  • Provide a cash contribution toward each unit of non-market/non-profit housing to assist in providing for lower base-rental rates, and to make rents truly affordable

  • Purchase land the City will offer for the lease and construction of non-market, family and co-op housing, in coordination with various new senior government funding programs

  • Provide community agencies with support to work with vulnerable groups in Burnaby such as those at risk of homelessness, women fleeing violence, persons with disabilities, seniors, First Nations and immigrants to find and develop suitable housing opportunities.

Rental Zoning
A Burnaby Citizens Association mayor and council will complete the process initiated in July of this year to develop a rental zoning policy for the city. Burnaby Council was the first to take advantage of this new opportunity to provide affordable rental housing:

  • This policy will provide a long-term solution for the city and require one-for-one replacement of current purpose-built rental apartments when those sites are redeveloped

  • Rental Zoning will be applied to multi-family zoned areas in Burnaby’s four town centres

  • Rental zoning will require one-to-one replacement of current purpose-built rental units in the new or alternate development

  • Current tenants will be offered first right of refusal on new rental units at regulated affordable rent

Commitment to Consult
A Burnaby Citizens Association mayor and council will initiate consultations on significant policy changes related to options for increasing density:

  • Expansion of secondary suites to duplexes
  • Laneway homes
  • introducing vacant homes tax to encourage rentals, with funds going towards Burnaby’s housing fund
  • Review short term rentals to regulate or license businesses with the aim to provide more long term rental accommodation