James Wang

James Wang came to Canada from China in 1996. Born in the beautiful southern city of Suzhou, he was raised in Xi’an, a northwest China city well-known for its rich history and the world renowned 2,000 year-old Terra Cotta Warriors. His family has lived in Burnaby for 15 years.

With his election in 2008 to the Burnaby Board of Education as a Trustee, James became the first immigrant from Mainland China to be elected in Canada. His contribution as a BCA School Trustee and participation over the past three years has had a significant impact on promoting important initiatives that benefit all children in the public school system in Burnaby. James was re-elected as a School Trustee in 2011, an as City Councillor in 2014.

A successful business leader with a Masters in Business Administration, James’ accomplishments are lengthy and include: Independent Director & Senior Advisor with Canada Export Centre; Honorary President of the Northwest Benevolent Association of Canada; Advisor with the Canada Community Service Association (CCSA). He has also been recognized by the Vancouver Sun as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Chinese-Canadians in BC (2006) along with his brother.

James is also the winner of RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award of 2014.  As one of this year’s Top 25, he is in the company of prestigious past winner including CFL legend Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Olympian Donovan Bailey, former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, Olivia Chow, and many more.

James volunteers his time with many community activities and has led local fundraising campaigns for earthquake victims in Haiti and China. He is an avid photographer and a golf & Table Tennis enthusiast, sitting as a director of the North America Golf Association and vice Chair of Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Federation (CCTTF).

James has two kids growing up in Burnaby who are enjoying the excellent public education system. He strongly believe in the importance of the public school system and have worked very hard as a BCA School Trustee to ensure that Burnaby’s children are successful learners and receiving a quality and inclusive education in a safe and supportive environment.

Being fluent in English and Mandarin, his skill at helping to bridge some of the gaps between Burnaby’s diverse communities and the role that School Trustees play in securing leading-edge learning opportunities for Burnaby students has been a significant asset in building trust and understanding of the important role of publicly-funded education.

All of this positive work has encouraged James to want to do more to serve the community.

His philosophy is: “Serve more with my passion and energy and to be a bridge to Burnaby’s diverse communities”

James currently serves on the following City of Burnaby Committees

  • Social Issues Committee
  • Burnaby School Board Committees:
  • Chair, Building & Grounds Committee
  • Member, Education Committee
  • Member, Finance Committee
  • Member, Community Relations Committee

In the community
James’ background and connection with the community is incredibly extensive. He has served on the following:

  • Honorary President, Northwest Benevolent Association
  • Past Co-Chairman, Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations
  • Vice President, Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Federation (CCTTF)
  • Advisor, Canada Community Service Association (CCSA)
  • Advisor, Canada-China Society of Science and Technology
  • Advisor, Global Women Federation of Commerce of Canada
  • Advisor, Henan Fellowship Association of Canada
  • Director, Canada China Tourism Association
  • Director, North America Golf Association
  • Director, Hyson International Cultural Foundation