• The people

    the experience and the ideas to keep Burnaby strong.

  • Working together

    to deliver services and education.

  • Award winning

    environmental leadership.

The Burnaby Citizens Association has the experience, the ideas and the people to keep Burnaby strong.

Our proud civic organization has been active in municipal politics for almost 60 years. The Burnaby Citizens Association holds various events throughout the year such as fundraisers, socials and community meetings. Our members are actively involved in supporting important community issues and we invite you to join us in keeping Burnaby strong.

The Burnaby Citizens Association is:

  • Making Burnaby a leader in economic, environmental and social sustainability.
  • To complete Burnaby’s Sustainable City framework, the Burnaby Citizens council is developing the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, building on the City’s award-winning environmental leadership.
  • Taking action on housing, Burnaby has the third-largest share of non-market housing units (6,174) among Metro Vancouver municipalities.
  • The BCA, through city council, has also set in motion a number of other progressive initiatives, including leasing City-owned land and City-owned houses to non-profit groups and for special needs housing.